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Education is a bare necessity for every individual for his development and empowerment in all aspect of his life. It prepares an individual to face the challenges of life boldly and achieve goals of life. Education can manifest all the divine powers of a manand helps him to live like a man in the human society. Today, a man has to encounter a lot of socio-economic problems that has entered along with the modernity which has degraded the life, thought, morality and strength of the man. As a direct disciple of Maa Sharada having my long run of spiritual life under the blessings of Guru Deva, Swami HImansu Maharaj, SwamiVivekananda and Shri Ramkrishn Paramhansa as well as the people of Hazaribag region inspired me to devote my endavours towards the service of the Society, up-liftment of the society and finally making a man to be a good human being becoming an asset for his society and nation. Keeping in view of this objective, I started my missionary journey facing a lot of problems with a challenging spirit to incept a School which is presently and popularly known as Vivekanand Central School in Hazaribag having near about 4000 students getting their value based and need oriented education starting from Nursery class to +2 level of education and serving there in about 1oo experienced and well qualified trained teachers in the spiritual campus of the School. After fulfilling the first mission, I thought of creating good teachers appreciating the missionary spirit who can educate the students to be good citizens for the country by establishing an ideal Teacher Training Institution, presently known as Shri Ramakrishna Sharada Ashram Teacher’s Training College in the Campus of the Ashram running from the session 2012-13. I have my inner confidence that this teacher training institute will grow and build skilled and humanistic teachers for the service of the mankind and shaping the future life of the learners
--Swami Tapananda
An urge for establishing an ideal, value-based institution with untiring zeal, in a nutshell is the genesis of our Institution -Sri RamakrishnaSarada Ashrama, Hazaribag. Our association with it since its inception in 1992 and even earlier, is indeed a rare privilege. This institution is destined to reach great heights by the spirit of hard work and dedication of its founder President Swami Tapananda Maharaj, who received blessings of Swami Viveksnanda and his own Gurudev Swami Himangshu Maharaj, a direct disciple of Holy mother Sarada Devi. Swami Tapananda's endavavour of social upliftment and spiritual enlightenment especially of neglected, uneducated masses provides the impetus of service. Our Ashram is the symbol of our manifold service rendered to needy people of this place and other adjoining areas. To our modest but sincere efforts to serve the cause of socially backward, along with the rest, a new feather has been added through B.Ed. facility made available from the session 2012-13in the spiritual environment of Ashram Premises. This facility of educational need has received tremendous impetus among the untrained graduates of Hazaribag as a whole. I think B.Ed. course provides the backbone of teaching environment. So very important in the overall improvement of mental and spiritual up-liftment is visualised by our Hon’ble President, Swami Tapananda jee Maharaj from the inception of the School in 1992. Now that dream has been realised.